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Oxford’s word of the year? ‘Unfriend’

TNA: Unfriend is now in the dictionnary… This proves the importance of social networks in our modern lives.


Perhaps in a sign of how the plague of social media has numbed us all to the value of legitimate human connections, the New Oxford American Dictionary has picked the verb “unfriend,” or “to remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook,” as its 2009 Word of the Year.

At the very least, it’s a testament to the ubiquity of Facebook, which now has well over 300 million members around the world.

Facebook itself takes the process of “friending” and “unfriending” very seriously. It once sent warning notes to players of a third-party game called PackRat because it encouraged players to amass huge friends lists (good heavens! they’re polluting the social graph!), banned a Burger King ad campaign that let members “sacrifice” their friends to get a free cheeseburger (“Friendship is strong, but the Whopper is stronger”), and still puts a cap of 5,000 on personal profiles’ friends lists.

Last year’s Oxford word of the year was the decidedly less mainstream “hypermiling.”

Source: cnet
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